Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Exciting Family Activities Even Surly Teens Will Love

The teenage years are the time that every parent dreads. As kids grow up, they want to spend less time with their family and more with their friends. They may shun family outings or make everyone else miserable. There are family activities that you can do that will entertain even the grumpiest of teenagers and keep parents from going nuts.

Many teenagers love going skiing or snowboarding. Not only can they have time away from the family if they want to go on the harder trails, but they get the adrenaline rush because of the speed associated with the sport. If you go on a ski trip with your family to a farther away resort, your teen will be less likely to pretend that they don't know you because they won't be as worried about running into friends. Not only will skiing and snowboarding entertain your teen but after a day in the cold, they will enjoy a hot chocolate by the fire in the condo or hotel afterwards, not worrying about seeming so cool.

Bowling is a great way for the family to get to together and enjoy each other. Kids love the competition, and for a relatively small investment in gear like bowling balls, bowling ball bags, and shoes, you can take the sport from a leisurely weekend sport to possibly a league or some sort of weekly play. By letting your kids enjoy a sport that just about every activity level can do; they will enjoy family time more and actually have a good time with the family. Find your family's bowling supplies at discountbowlingsupply.com .

Set aside a family game night and unplug from the TV, tablets and cell phones. Put away the electronics and bring out the board games. While your teen may object to spending the evening out of contact with their friends at first, they will soon begin to enjoy whatever games you have chosen for the night. Board games are relatively inexpensive and you can get games that are appropriate for younger children and teens alike that everyone will love. Do this on a weekly basis so that your entire family can enjoy a night looking at something other than Facebook.