Monday, April 16, 2007

My 2007 NBA MVP Winner

Yesterday I looked at the "Other" Awards in the NBA, and today it's time for the MVP. The prevailing theory everywhere seems to be that this is a two-horse race between Dirk Nowitski and Steve Nash, but I'm not sure I subscribe to that theory.

We'll get to that later, but first another note. Two guys may very well have made this list (almost certainly would have) had they not gotten injured. One is Dwyane Wade. He was actually my MVP of the first half, and I still think he's been the best player when he's played, but the injury drops him from consideration. The second is Yao Ming, who was extremely good, but again gets knocked out because of injury.

Which leaves my top 7. Apologies to Gilbert Arenas, Tracy McGrady, Chris Bosh, and Amare Stoudemire, who just missed the cut.

(7) Carlos Boozer - Utah Jazz

Boozer finished 4th in the NBA in rebounding, and has just been an efficient and effective post player for the surprising Jazz. In scoring 21 points and grabbing 11.8 rebounds per game, the raw numbers are there. But he's also shooting nearly 56% from the field, getting to the line over 5 times a game, and getting 3 assists per contest. Boozer has been one of the big reasons for the rise of the Jazz this year.

(6) Kevin Garnett - Minnesota Timberwolves

As usual, KG quietly gets the job done. He's still the best rebounder in the NBA, and he compliments that with a versatile offensive game, great passing skills, and very good all-around defense. He is perhaps the most unselfish player in the League, giving 100% every night for a team that has basically been run into the ground by Kevin McHale. At age 30 he is still one of the premier players in the NBA and places #6 on my ballot.

(5) LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers

It is telling that LeBron finishes 5th here, and in many respects had a very disappointing season. There was all the talk early on about how it didn't really look like he was trying all that hard, and I'm not sure that was unwarranted. In any regard, he simply didn't progress this year the way we all thought and hoped he would. His shooting percentages are all done, including (most notably) his FT percentage, which seems to have forced him to shoot more jumpers. His rebounding and assists numbers are also slightly down, which isn't what everyone expected from the King. A strong playoff performance (like last year) will go a long way towards making everyone forget this regular season, but let's not get too carried away. He was pretty darn good.

(4) Steve Nash - Phoenix Suns

I suspect this is the placement that will make people unhappy, but that's ok. I actually do think Nash has been better this year than his 2 MVP years, I just think he didn't really deserve the MVP the last couple of seasons. He's a great player, and a great PG, I just think there are guys more valuable than him. The number of assists per game is gaudy, but also aided by the fact that his supporting cast is superb and the pace the Suns play at gives them a lot more possessions. Still, he is a great passer, great shooter (maybe the best in the NBA), and he handles the ball extremely well, especially with the offhand. Putting Nash at 4 isn't a slight to him, it's just recognizing that there are some really good players that are just a little better than him.

(3) Kobe Bryant - Los Angeles Lakers

His PPG average is down about 4 points, but Kobe has been better this year than he was last year. He is taking a lot less shots per game and as a result has been a more efficient scorer. He gets to the line about 10 times per game, which is good because he is a very good FT shooter. Another aspect of him toning down the shots some this year is that he got his teammates more involved, which upped his APG to 5.4. Even with him handling the ball so much, he still has a pretty low turnover rate, which just adds to his effectiveness.

(2) Tim Duncan - San Antonio Spurs

Obviously Duncan isn't flashy, but he's just a great player. He averaged 20 and 10 like he has done every year of his career except one (last year, when he was bothered by foot injuries), but his impact goes beyond that. He shot 55% this year, which is superb for someone shooting 14 shots per game like he does. He's also one of the best interior defenders in the NBA, as he once again anchored one of the best defenses in the League. He's not going to wow you, but with the efficient offensive game and great defensive work, he's #2 on my MVP ballot.

(1) Dirk Nowitzki - Dallas Mavericks

Dirk continued his rapid ascent to superstardom with his best year to date, a year that is good enough to win him NBA numbers. As of now he's a 50-40-90 guy... he shoots 50.1% from the field, 41.9% from downtown, and 90.3% from the FT line. And he's a 7-footer. And that's not all. He also averaged 9 RPG, and posted a career high in APG with 3.4. He's not the best defensive player around, but he's the best all-around player in the NBA, and one that is deserving of winning the MVP.


Mini Me said...

I wouldn't put Duncan at 2 this year. I think Nash is second, Kobe is third and Duncan is 4. I like the Dirk pick though. And D-Wade is 42 in my rankings! HAHA.

Sanchez said...

I remember back in the day, when Kobe first joined the Lakers. I had a discussion with a friend of mine about him and I basically said I didn't like him.

'Why not?' said my friend
'Well... it's just I can't get over that look he has on his face. That 'I am the man' look...'
'Dude, he joined the NBA when he was 17 - he IS the man...'
'Oh... yeah I guess you're right!'

Since then I've really grown to like him and I think he's been awesome this year so I'm going with him for my MVP.

Daniel said...

It's Nowitzki, not Nowitski.

twins15 said...

Whoops, my bad... thanks for pointing it out.

Patrick said...

wait, wait, wait -- so you admit that dirk can't play D and then call him THE best "all-around player in the nba?" that makes no sense. the best all-around player (offense AND defense) HAS to be Kobe. No question.

Pistons fan said...

Put T-Mac at #5 at least. 50+ wins leading to homecourt over Jazz. Yao plays only 50 games. And he had huge numbers (24 ppg, 6.5 apg, 5.3 rpg).

He has shown this year that he has progressed beyond the immature scorer he was in Orlando to a well-rounded playmaker/scorer. I expect him to finally lead his team out of the 1st round, maybe even go deep against Mavs (if they can beat GState).

Anonymous said...

wade flops anytime someone is near him, it kinda makes me sick. its like watching the world cup every time he plays

twins15 said...

wait, wait, wait -- so you admit that dirk can't play D and then call him THE best "all-around player in the nba?" that makes no sense. the best all-around player (offense AND defense) HAS to be Kobe. No question.

I never said Dirk can't play any D, I just said he's not the best. I think his overall skill set (scoring, defense, rebounding, etc) was better than anyone else's this year on a consistent basis. When he's on top of his game, I'm not sure anyone is better than Kobe... the problem is that he's not always there.

Put T-Mac at #5 at least. 50+ wins leading to homecourt over Jazz. Yao plays only 50 games. And he had huge numbers (24 ppg, 6.5 apg, 5.3 rpg).

It was between Arenas, McGrady, and Boozer for #7. McGrady has been excellent, and I agree, the Rockets will be a real tough out.

Chip's Moody Blues said...

Dirk completely deserves it. However, I'm wondering why Kobe never got the support that Dirk and Nash did mid-season. Obviously now, Kobe's out because the Lakers have sunk so low, but for a while he was carrying that D-league team and getting no real consideration. I guess that's what happens when you are accused of raping white women.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you it is dirk Nowitzki but Dwayne Wade may have had good stats but his team isnt doin good he shouldnt win it

BD said...

I think you almost have to completely remove KG from this list. As he wouldn't be considered under any circumstances by anyone. T-Mac is the only glaring miss you have here. Otherwise nicely done John.

I think T-Mac is in the top 3 by the way. If the whole "Best-player-on-the-best-team b.s wasn't being spouted he'd be the front runner. Dirk probably wins because the don't want to give it to Nash for the third strait year. And the Rockets needed to catch San Antonio for T-Mac to be seriously considered by the "experts".

Anonymous said...

I think that none of you are giving Nash enough credit! Dirk is down in points per game from last year, down in rebounds per game, and shoots a worse 3pt percentage then Nash. Nash on the other hand averaged the same in pts per game from last year, went up another assist per game, and was second in the league in 3pt percentage. With out Dirk the mavs would still be a contender. Without Nash, do you really think barbosa would be as good as he is or Diaw??? Nash should win again this year hands down!! Three-peat!!!

sunsfan said...

right back at ya anonymous. I kept wondering why they (analysts, columnists) always critize some of Nash's stat than Dirk's. Dirk did have a good stat all season and would even get better during the playoff but Nash has also a good stat all year round too and would likely be the same with Dirk in the playoffs. So, Nash deserved to win, not just because of his amazing stats, but also with his gameplay, unselfish play in making his teammates better. Barbosa wouldn't be 6th man if not for Nash nor Defensive player for Marion nor official comeback of Amare without his style of play.
Nash for Three-peat!!!!:)

Anonymous said...

I think it's really important that published analysts NOT start the car before opening the garage door. You are absolutely DELUSIONAL to put Nash at 4. I have no issues with Dirk as 1, but it's either Dirk or Nash... everyone else is simply categorized as "ALSO RAN".
Take off the blinders.. Please!

Anonymous said...

KG the most unselfish player in the league? Ha! Is that why he tells his 3rd string players to "get back on the bench, this is my show" when they have breakout games? Is that why he's a stat whore and doesn't care about winning games, just getting stats? KG is a joke, if he's so valuable then why does his team blow? KG is the most overated player in the league, hands down, yall need to open your eyes and start to realize that.

Anonymous said...

anyone who doesnt think steve nash is the mvp is an idiot. yeah mavs have a better record but who cares. Even if dirk doesnt play the mavs will still win and they showed that this year 2-0 without dirk. suns have no clue what they are doing without nash, (they also showed that when he didnt play.) not to mention when they played in the last two games nash put the stamp on dirk and the mavs. give me a break. (oh and kobe is the best player in the nba but how can he win mvp when he doesnt even know how to pass. anyone in the nba can take 40 50 shots a game and score 30 40 points.)

Anonymous said...

Steve Nash, MV3. You cant ask for a better point guard that means so much to a team. Without him in the lineup the Suns could not even win! Kobe...ballhog Give anyone 40+ shots a game can make 50 points. Dirk good but Mavs can still win with out him. Nash with or without the hair still wins it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the criteria is for the MVP, but aside from all the a league full of tattoo covered thugs, rap star wannabe troublemakers, and alleged rapists, the "Most Valuable" player in the league- who brought me back from disinterest since the retiring of MJ, who I'm proud to have my kids wearing his jersey and is a positive face and representation of the NBA is hands down STEVE NASH.

Anonymous said...

Steve Nash is going to win MVP. Period, the fact that Kobe doesn't see I in team is a big problem and you can't be an MVP by being the only player. Dirk is a good canidate but comon the boys above me are right Take Dirk away you still have the mavericks. Nash has only been better this year as opposed to previous years and its going to show when the Suns win the Finals. BTW Im calling an upset over Dallas in the first round by Golden State. You might think there goes my credibility but you just watch MV3 Steve when he accepts the trophy.

Anonymous said...

If you are an asute fan, you cannot help but be continually amazed at the near perfection with which Nash carves up the opposing team with a perfectly balanced attack of scoring and passing, inside and outside shots, fast breaks and half court offense. Absolutely poetry to watch.

twins15 said...

Just to clarify from some of these comments, it's not that I don't respect or recognize what Nash does. He's a fantastic player and makes everyone on Phoenix better. I just think Dirk was a little better than him this year.

Nash might be my favorite player to watch because he understands the game better than anyone else... but that doesn't necessarily make him MVP.

J Mo said...

You Guys Gotta be kidding...
Okay lets take a look at the DEFINITION of the Award MVP...

What does it mean?

Most Valuable Player.

Not "Best at all around Scoring and Defense" Award.

Most Valuable Player is the Title given to the player who Helps their team the most and who without the team could does worse.

Take a Look at Kobe and take a look at Nash.
You said that Nash is surrounded by a great supporting cast.
Why? Why is that?
It's because he has MADE them great.
He's taught them the importance of a good work ethic.
He's taught them how important the team is.
Who were Diaw, Bell, and Barbosa before they came to play with Nash?
Why is it that Amare is able to pass so well compared to all other big men?
Because of Nash.
The unselfishness on the Suns is so evident at almost every moment they have on the court.
Who brought that?
Who's given them confidence?
Who's taught them to work hard?
And if you don't get anything from what i've just said, then take a look at the teams shooting percentage and that will answer the rest.

Now let's look at Kobe...
Kobe is an amazing basketball player and one of my favourite to watch.
He makes amazing plays that leave me with my Jaw limp and on the ground.
Does he have a lot to learn?
A real MVP gives confidence to the other guys in the floor. Not only confidence in their leader, but confidence in themselves. A real MVP makes his teammates better.

(Boris Diaw- 2005-2006 M.I.P.)
(Leandro Barbosa- 2006-2007 Sixth Man)

What has Kobe done? Why is it that his team needs him to score 44 points a night to win?
It's because when he doesn't make 44 points it means that he has missed all his 40 thousand shots not that his teammates haven't done enough.
I watched game 3 last night where the lakers won yesterday...Kobe came off and sat a while and for once i could see the lakers start playing as a team.
I think it gave Kobe a chance to think too and realize that he had teammates he could pass to.
Kobe played better Yesterday when he realized that.

Point is...Kobe selfishness on the floor hasn't made him any friends in the league and it won't get him any MVP awards either.


Anonymous said...

J Mo
has it right Kobe is an "I" not a team were Nash has a team and he is the 2007 MVP

Anonymous said...

Well good thing you dont count as an MVP vote because you are clearly an idiot. Nash to 4th????
It should be like this ,
4) Kobe
3) T-Mac
2) Dirk
1) Steve Nash

No player has ever had a 42-40 record and won MVP. The only reason he scores so much is because everyone on that team is too passive except Kobe. The mavs could win without Dirk. Yeah talk about Nash's great "supporting cast" they have done so well without him this season 2-4 and loses to the worst teams in the NBA. Inexcusable. Nash makes marion and Amare all-stars. This is why Nash should get 3MVP in a row. You're an idiot.

twins15 said...

Nash makes Marion and Amare All-Stars? Those guys are fantastic players with or without Nash. 2-4 without Nash? That's not much of a sample size.

Anonymous said...

ok twins15.

in 2003 before Nash arrived..

Marion and Amare led the suns to 29 wins! how's that for making players better.

and than Amare/Kurt Thomas went down and Nash led the team to 54 wins...with guys like Diaw/Bell/Barbosa & James Jones

all of whom had career years with Nash leading the charge. Marion had his chance to lead the team and he couldn't even compete for a playoff spot. Nash takes this team to a whole new level

Anonymous said...

J Mo

You said almost exactly what i wanted to say.

A lot of these clowns on here need to get NBA league pass and watch some basketball games. I watch between 8-10 games a week and there is no player more valuable than #13 for the Suns.

As for the person that wrote this blog. You obviously have little to no knowledge of Basketball. I assume your about 15 years old and have trouble understanding the game and what an MVP is.

Kevin Garnett - shouldn't be in the top 20 for MVP's. Great Player but not good enough to get his team fighting for a playoff spot, let alone in the playoffs.

Carlos Boozer - Take a look at his teams record without him..they actually played better.

Did you research your picks at all!

p.s - Dwyane your first half MVP?
HAHAHA...he only led his team to a below .500 record and a possible playoff miss until Shaq came in and carried the team the whole way.

So next time you post a blog. research the information and stay away from writting about basketball

twins15 said...

Thanks for the great advice!

"in 2003 before Nash arrived..

Marion and Amare led the suns to 29 wins! how's that for making players better."

Amare was about 18 and Marion was like 23... that's not a really great comparison, because those guys are far different players now than they were. Plus, Nash's arrival coincided with the arrival of D'Antoni, which has had quite an effect there.

You assume I'm 15 years old, but then it's clearly noted on here that I'm not. Thanks though.

It's not Garnett's fault that his GM is incompetent. Boozer missed about 9 games... apparently you've never heard of sample sizes (for the record, the Jazz were basically 6-3 in games he didn't play, and 45-28 in games he did play. huge difference).

And it's not like I'm saying Nash sucks... HE'S A GREAT PLAYER. I just think other guys are a little better. That's not a slight of Nash, it's a recognition that some others guys are really freaking good.

But I do appreciate the constructive criticism.

Anonymous said...

Nash deserves it. Hands down.
Nowitzki is NOT a better player than him.
You can't really judge when they play different positions.
As for Kobe. BALL HOG!!!!!
He doesn't deserve it.
Has he made Kwame Brown or Odom, or Farmar, or Walton better players?
If Steve Nash was a ball hog he could easily make 40-50 PPG too.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous' well-articulated points...

Nash is most valuable, and deserves MV3!

Anonymous said...

Your write twins15..Amare and Marion are different players now, thanks in large part to Nash.

you say Amare was 18 before Nash got there..well he was only 19/20 when they put up 64 wins. Its not like Amare and Marion had 29 wins 5 years before Nash was just the year before.

p.s - how's that Dirk #1 thing holding out for you. I said it before and ill say it again...the best player on the best team doesn't deserve the MVP..Its the best player that makes the best team an MVP.

Warriors up 3-1 on the Mavs

Nash hands out 23 dimes to take control back in the series.

MVP's know when to step it up and take control when there team in falling behind..i can go on for ever on why Nash deserves the MVP...but ill stop now.

Anonymous said...

spelling error
right...not bad

twins15 said...

Good point about there only being a one year difference... although Nash wasn't the only change. The addition of D'Antoni was perfect because he is a great coach with the perfect scheme for these guys. I believe that was when Raja Bell and Joe Johnson came over as well (not sure exactly). Plus yes, the upgrade from Marbury to Nash is enormous.

Nash has obviously been better than Dirk in the playoffs, but this is a regular season award. Votes are cast before the playoffs and so they have no bearing on the award.

I agree that the MVP is not necessarily the best player on the best team (Wade was my first half MVP after all), so this was merely a coincedence. I think Dirk was the best player, and he happened to be on the best team.

Good discussion... and I don't think Nash would be a bad choice (as I do think this has been a best year), I just think Dirk's been better. Nash is fantastic, there's no disputing that.

Michael said...

Its so annoying to hear people say how good Steve Nash's supporting cast is. Have you even watched them play without nash, in games without him they dont knwo what they should do or where they should go on the court. Forget games, minutes of games hes not playing his team gets out scored. He not only makes them better by passing them the ball, but hes presence alone gives his team mates confidence. You have the realize the difficulty it is for him to play the sport compared to these other players, he has to shoot over taller guys, dirk is a tall guy. I know you cant use playoffs to select mvp, but for an example, first is shotting 40% against the warriors and are about to be part of a huge upset while nash is almost breaking records, whos the mvp? As for Tim Duncan, his supporting ast is even better. Kobe Bryant is no mvp, he is a ball hog, dont get me wrong, the best individual player but also thinks individual not team, hes a selfish player.

jb#50 said...

twins15 you are right about joe johnson being there that first year with nash but raja bell didnt come over till the next year along with boris diaw. quentin richardson was the other starter with johnson and along with joe he moved on to another team (the knicks)after only one year with steve nash only to see his production drop drastically largely due to the loss of nash as a passer(i could be wrong but im pretty sure richardson led the league in threes the one year he was with nash). Dont get me wrong though cuz joe johnson has obviously prospered with the hawks, but their win total hasnt exactly shot through the roof with him and furthermore i dont believe joe would be doing this good without the mentoring that he recieved from nash during their one year stint together. this just goes to show that steve should recieve the MVP for a third time before he leads the suns to an NBA Championship. go suns!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why Nash is not the front runner for MVP this year. His numbers are better than the previous two seasons. He dominates the game when he is in it. He can score at will but instead chooses to distribute the ball to make all his team-mates better. His numbers would be even better but he's often sitting half the fourth quarter because his team is blowing out the opposition.

As for Garnett, Boozer, Wade give me a break. I'd put the top five MVP order like this. Nash, Duncan, Dirk, Lebron,and Bosh.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what was stated earlier. The NBA is full of gangster type basketball players that dont represent themselves nor their teams in a respectable manor. Look at the suns during warm up. They love each other like brothers and get along. They make the game fun to watch and make me have the wish of being one of them. I miss that feeling. Nash has brought this team together and makes me proud to be from Phoenix. I dont live their anymore but have always been a fan but lost interest because of the over flooding of the AI type and Carmelo Anthony crowd. Nash makes the NBA look better with his love for the game, his composure and his respect for everyone. Hands down Nash, Nash, Nash. MV3!

He takes the time for fans and the press. He is the MVP on and off the court. Name any one else who has those credentials and I will bow down and admit I am wrong.

Here are my MVP picks

Nash #1
Dirk #2
Wade #99

I put Dirk under Nash because he is an amazing player and deserves the MVP, but not as long as Nash is around and doing as well as he has been. There are no other contenders in my mind. I cannot believe that someone even brought up KGs name. Same with Wade and Kobe. Forget that. Those guys are great but who in the NBA couldnt kick all of our asses? I think that Boozer is above Kobe. Kobe is such a pussy. Anyone who cant get along with a retard (Shaq) is obviously an idiot and a cry baby.

twins15 said...

All of that stuff is great for the game, but should being a good ambassador of the game merit you receiving the NBA Award? Nash has great respect for the game and the others... but why does that matter in the MVP race? The MVP measures performance on the court, that's it.

Lambert said...

Funny how everybody is putting dirk 1st on their mvp voting. I would agree, if we are voting for the mvp for the GS Warriors. Dirk has been useless, good thing he had a great season, because he is choking in the playoffs. Steve Nash on the other hand, continues to lead the suns and will go farther than the CHOKING mavericks. Thanks again Dirk...

twins15 said...

Good point Lambert... oh wait, that's right, the MVP is based on regular season performance and not playoff performance.

Anonymous said...

Steve Nash, he deserves the mvp title as much as dirk does.....Nash has to be the the greatest playmakers of all time....i say over magic and stockton......but can he do it on a team like the sixers? he is on the most stacked team in the nba

Anonymous said...

with everyone talkin trash about kobe......look at his team....hus gunna take the shots? do u think phil jackson is gunna give the ball to anyone else on the team with the winding down other than kobe???look at him with Shaq on his team....they won championships back to back....kobe just needs some support on his team..

kobe is a great shooter...which guards in the NBA has ever scored 80+ points in a game????

Anonymous said...

Steve Nash has a great team...but the only way a great team will win is by Great leadership.
Forget the sixers...Nash probably would lead them to a playoff berth in the East..
But if You put Nash one the Knicks...they easily win the Arlantic and possibly the East...Even over the Pistons.

Anonymous said...

You can say Dirk for MVP all you want only thing is you sound like an idiot when you say it. He has made himself look stupid against the Warriors even if playoffs dont count towards MVP. It has to be Nash... he has won it the last two years and only gets better so how could he not be the MVP

twins15 said...

Nash was better this year, but I don't think he desrved to win it the last 2 years. And besides, it's a yearly award... past performance doesn't and shouldn't have anything to do with.

And if playoffs were involved I would probably chance my mind... but since they're not, I'm not sure why anyone would even bring them up.

Anonymous said...

Here's reality, MVP doesn't go to the best player, it goes to the most valuble player to his team. Reality check: Nash is easily the MVP. Dirk may be a better all around player, but is not as important to his team as nash is. Just check out the Sun's record without Nash, it's not pretty.

Anonymous said...

after round 1 results, who's left standing of the top 3 candidates? kobe and dirk both lost their series embarrassingly. steve nash is smiling right now. mvp is for regular season, but hey if you can't even get past the first round, then you should feel undeserving. i'm not a warriors fan, but wow did they sure beat down on the over-confidence of the mavs before the series even started.

suns#1 said...

r u kidding me nash deserves the mvp hands down over dirk kobe anybody!!!!
he is unbelievable, and a TEAM PLAYER ALL u kobe fans
i hav nash 1 dirk 2 kobe 3
last yr we didnt hav kurt thomas or amare stoudamire
and still went to the western confrece fnals
and u say he didnt deserve it the last 2 yrs!
your crazy

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kobe Bryant all the way

Anonymous said...

baron Davis should be #2. His team knocked the Mavs out of the payoffs! and he was a big part of that! Baron Davis or Kobe Bryant should win MVP

o ya and andrea bargnani should have one rookie of the year.


Anonymous said...

dork nowinshe
kobI Berayant
both are out.
Duncan and Nash are going head to
I think it should be a tie Nash/Duncan for MVP.

But Dork Nowinski will get it cuz
of all the hype, he deserves it as
much as kobe would... over rated
both of them.

Anonymous said...

Your #1 is def wrong... he needs to be taken out to a field, shot, and turned into glue.

Anonymous said...

Look. I'm a big Nash fan from his home town of Victoria. He's definitely no 2, dirk is no 1, and kobe isn't an MVP and doesn't deserve any votes. The MVP award is a regular season title, so the performance of teams in the post-season shouldn't be counted. Dallas finished well ahead of Phoenix and they would have sucked without Dirk. They probably wouldn't have made the playoffs. Phoenix would have made the playoffs without Nash. LA sucks with or without Kobe.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how you can say Nash didn't deserve to win the MVP the last two years. In the first year, the Suns went from a 29-53 record to a 62-20 record and many critics say that a large part of that was Nash. They also had a 110.4 PPG average which made them the most improved team in a decade. I agree that the coach bringing in a upbeat tempo type game helps, but a coach simply supports the players. The players have to actually do the job and get it done. In the second year, Nash improved. He also became only the fourth NBA player in history to shoot better than 50% from the field, 40% from the three point range, and 90% from the line. Now, he has improved again.

Anonymous said...

tayshaun prince deserves it, no doubt about it, hands down, tayshaun all the way.

Anonymous said...

anyone can score 27 ppg like dirk,,, no won can dish out 12 aassists a game liek nash .. nash shoulda got mvp

Anonymous said...

jermaine o'neal would be the mvp on a good team.

Progenic said...

Kobe will win it. Especially when Pau Gasol Arrived..

Boozer should be not even in the top 20.. He must come back to NCAA and learn more footwork. His talents doesn't fit in NBA.

Nash stays at no.2 knocking on the door, since shaq arrived. If nash can turn Shaq to a Superstar status again, probably, NASH will win it. MVP !!!

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