Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jets Hire Mangini

ESPN Article.

Well, he doesn't exactly "look" like a head coach, but that's ok. Mangini immediately becomes the youngest head coach in the NFL, at only 34 years of age (he'll turn 35 on Thursday). As Kenny Mayne would say, terms of the deal were not disclosed but we believe it has something to do with money.

As Peter King said yesterday, "You're better off getting a good coach a year before he's ready than NOT getting him when he is ready." I can't disagree. I feel this move is infinitely better than if they had, say, hired their second choice, which was Mike Tice, who, well I feel he's not very good.

The NFL theory now seems to be that anyone connected with Bill Belicheck is going to be good, and looking at some past results, it's hard to argue right now. Charlie Weis had good success at Notre Dame, rejuventating the football team and university. The Browns look like an up-and-coming team under the tutelage of former Patriots defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel. Tom Brady is almost superhuman.

Sure, Mangini only has one year of coordinator experience, but given his reputation as having a very good defensive coach, as well as his time spent under Bill Belicheck, I'd be excited if I were a Jets fan.