Thursday, January 19, 2006

Minnesota Vikings Draft; 2001-2005

I've got some time to kill, so I'll check the first three rounds and any other notable picks for the Vikings since 2001.


Michael Bennett (#27 Overall) - Coming out he was known as a guy with great speed but not great vision. Which is pretty much exactly what he was. He did have one very good year where he almost made the Pro Bowl, but he has not really been the same ever since he broke his foot. Still has great speed, but the cutting ability? Not so much. Should be, and probably will be gone this offseason. B-.

Willie Howard (#57 Overall) - Played sparingly, and is no longer with the team. Pretty disappointing for a 2nd round pick. C-.

Eric Kelly (#69 Overall) - He started for a while when MIN was really desparate, but he was never really good. Not an awful pick, I suppose. C+.

Brock Howard
(#89 Overall) - I can't recall him ever playing for Minnesota. F.

Other Notable Picks
: None.


Bryant McKinnie
(#7 Overall) - He was a camp holdout that barely got signed in time, but has been the LT since day 1. He's been a little inconsistent, but he was their best OL last year. B+.

Raonall Smith (#39 Overall) - He's been fairly productive when he's played, only problem is he's had lots of trouble staying healthy. C-.

Willie Offord (#70 Overall) - He's been on-and-off. When he plays, he's fairly productive. Missed almost all of last year. B.

Other Notable Picks: Brian Williams (#105 Overall, great value for the 4th round. A)


Kevin Williams (#9 Overall) - Was not that great last year, but was one of the best DT in the NFL for his first two years. A.

EJ Henderson (#40 Overall) - Was hailed as the middle LB after Greg Biekert left, but has never really fulfilled the expectations. Still was a decently productive player last year for the Vikings. B-.

Nate Burleson (#71 Overall) - Was a great #2 beside Randy Moss, but struggled through injuries last year. Good hands, runs great routes, and despite great speed, is very good after the catch. For a third rounder, I'll take it. A.

Other Notable Picks: Onterrio Smith (#105 Overall) - Proclaimed himself the S.O.D. after he was picked, and was Minnesota's best RB when they made the playoffs. Too bad playing in the NFL wasn't enough to convince him to lay off the drugs. C+)


Kenechi Udeze (#20 Overall) - Has flashed some potential, but hasn't been healthy in his two years. I still think he can be a good pass rusher. B-.

DonTarrious Thomas (#48 Overall) - Very good athletic ability, but doesn't seem to 'get it' yet. Will get more chances to prove himself. B-.

Darrion Scott (#88 Overall) - Was very solid for the Vikings last year after Udeze got hurt. For a third rounder, he's had very good value. B+.

Other Notable Picks: Mewelde Moore
(#119 Overall, has been the Vikings most consistent RB over the past two years. Good pass catcher, has good vision, and is also a very solid PR. A+)

Rod Davis
(#155 Overall, backup MLB this year. Nice value for where he was picked. B)

Spencer Johnson
(Undrafted, has played reasonably well. Can't complain for a guy that wasn't even drafted. A)


Troy Williamson
(#7 Overall) - Showed flashes of being very good, and showed at times he was a rookie. I AM glad we went with him over Mike Williams. B.

Erasmus James (#18 Overall) - Came to camp late, so he didn't consistently play until later in the year. But when he finally did get on the field, he showed he is capable of getting to the QB. B+.

Marcus Johnson (#49 Overall) - Started from Day 1, shuffled between LG and RT, which in hindsight, he wasn't really ready for, but they didn't have anything else. But, I think he'll wind up to be a real solid player. B+.

Dustin Fox (#80 Overall) - Was hurt all year. N/A.

Other Notable Picks: Ciatrick Fason
(#112 Overall, Tice played him as a short-yardage back, which is not really his game. Though come to think of it, I'm not sure yet what his game is. We didn't see enough of him. B-)

CJ Mosley (#191 Overall, Played very well as a rookie, especially when Kevin Williams went down. Very solid 6th Rounder. A)

What does this show? I don't know exactly. But I just started typing it out, and much like Pringles, once you pop, you can't stop.