Wednesday, January 25, 2006

On again, off again, and back on again (for now!)

Well, in the past 2 days, here's what happened on the Artest/Stojakovic front:

- The Pacers and Kings agreed to a deal.
- Ron Artest decided he didn't want to play for the Kings.
- The Kings backed out of the trade.
- Stojakovic told the media he was upset with how he was treated.
- The Maloofs chatted with Ron Artest.
- Ron Artest decided he would play for the Kings.
- The deal is back on, and is now official.

As Bill Simmons would say, "The NBA. It's faaaaaaantastic!"

Talent-wise, the Kings win in a landslide. Artest is bar none one of the top defensive players in the NBA, and his offensive game has improved every year. Peja is a soft Euro-player with a great jumpshot that hasn't been so great this year. And the Kings weren't even going to resign him.

But as we know, Artest is the biggest enigma in the NBA. But I'll say this, if he's playing hard and his head is on straight, he's a top-20 player in the NBA.

In other news: For more proof that Billy Beane is the best GM in the MLB, look at his signing of Frank Thomas. Frank was the 2nd best hitter of the 90s, and even though he's declined, he's still a good hitter. He has above average power, and he has a great eye. If he's healthy, which is a big risk, he's a very good DH, a route that I wish the Twins would have pursued.