Tuesday, January 31, 2006

In A Basketball State of Mind

With College Football over, the NFL with only one game left, and pitchers and catchers not having reported, it is officially basketball season for me. Sure, I'll get into the football mood this weekend for the Super Bowl, but after that, basketball takes over.

I find myself watching more and more college basketball, such as Illinois beating Wisconsin tonight, and thinking less about things such as the NFL Draft. I'll be excited when the recruiting classes are announced, and I am always up for the NFL Draft, but in between I'm more of a basketball guy.

For example, the NCAA Tourney is probably my favorite sporting event of them all. 65 teams, anything can happen (except a 16 beating a 1), and lots and lots of basketball. The first two rounds of March Madness are probably my four favorite consecutive sporting days of the year, because it just didn't get more exciting. Same thing for picking all the games, it's an impossible task, but sometimes you get lucky, like a few years ago (the year Maryland won the Title) when I picked the Tourney the best in my hometown, got $500 and my name in the paper (a good-sized town too)!

But anyway, after the Super Bowl, my interest shifts a lot toward basketball, with exceptions for big FA signing, the NFL Draft, and the start of the baseball season.

As Bill Simmons would say, "The NBA. It's faaaaaaaaan-tastic!"

I can't disagree.