Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Signing Day

I said yesterday I was in more of a basketball mind, but I couldn't help but get excited for football today, the day when recruits could officially sign on with colleges. I've never really got too excited about this in year's past, but I was pretty excited for it this year, for whatever reason.

In fact, I might actually carry out my plan to put lots of the top prospects into an Excel spreadsheet, and then follow them through their careers. And yes, as I have said before, I realize I'm nerdy like that. :)

One of the coolest articles I have read was one by Stewart Mandel on SI. com. He basically followed Urban Meyer, and all the work that goes into recruiting, that allowed Florida to have the #1 class by most measures. Really a fascinating article if you're at all interested in the job of a college football coach, especially at a major program.

Also for reference, here's a list of the top prospects as rated by

Class Rankings:
1) Florida
2) USC
3) Texas
4) Georgia
5) Penn St.